Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sounds like home

Lismore is in a very rainy area of New South Wales (the Northern Rivers area to be exact). Three weeks of solid rain welcomed most of the students back to uni in February and we've had rain systems passing through quite regularly since then. But, with as much rain as Lismore receives, there have only been a few true thunderstorm systems. Tonight was one of them. It began raining about two hours ago with some spectacularly close lightening and the thunder has continued to rumble in the background. I love listening to thunderstorms. It reminds me of monsoon season in northern Arizona, practically the only time it can rain steadily for two hours straight. All at once I feel nostalgic and excited for home. In less time than I'm maybe ready for, I'll be going back to Flagstaff and in just a few short months I'll be sitting in my cabin on the North Rim listening to the thunderstorms outside; something so powerful that is so incredibly peaceful. I love that I can listen to this storm and feel like a part of home is here with me. And while I'm not counting down the days or even the weeks before I come home, I am looking forward to monsoon season. For now, time for a cup of tea and a glimpse of the future.


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