Monday, April 15, 2013

One down, two to go

Before I left for Australia, I knew I wanted to bring a few things with me to help prevent homesickness and help me to feel more at home and comfortable in my new dorm that I share with five other people. Among these were a selection of my many sarongs that triple as wall decorations, extra blankets, and clothing. Another item I brought was the largest bottle of Sriracha sauce I could find. Over the last couple of years, I have been exposed to a variety of excellent hot sauces by the kindness of a wonderful friend and Sriracha became one of my indispensable favorites to have around the house (who needs ketchup when you've got Sriracha?). My parents, submitting to my pleas for food from home, sent me not only one, but two bottles of Sriracha, bless them. 
So, first thoughts when I opened the box and saw these little (well, large) beauties: I've been here two months. I leave in two months. And I only just finished the first bottle. 

Solution: Share the love, of course! As an only child, I naturally hide (or horde, take your pick) things I don't really want to share with other people. I'm very selfish. But even I don't think I could reasonably go through two large bottles of Sriracha in two months. I like the stuff; I don't want to make myself hate it. So roomies, have at it!

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