Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter/Springtime (for all you Northern Hemisphere-ers)

I'm pretty much the most excited person in the world right now. I leave for New Zealand in under twelve hours and I just found out what I'll be doing for the four days I volunteer with the Maungatautari Ecological Sanctuary. Because my first day is on Easter Sunday, the logistics are all over the place, so instead of getting an introduction to conservation, I get a free day-long rafting trip on the Wairoa River, which is only open for rafting twenty-six days out of the year because it is controlled by a hydro dam. So, I get to go white-water rafting for a day, learn about the Maori culture first-hand, pot some native New Zealand flora, play with baby kiwis (okay, maybe not play, but I get to go see some in a kiwi encounter tour), and learn about biodiversity and ecological restoration in some of the coolest parts of New Zealand. How excited am I?

I'll catch you all latuh cuz I'm goin' to New Zealand, baby!



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