Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ready to be jealous?

Guess what I'm doing for my Spring Break? Okay, so it's not really Spring Break (it's not even spring here) but it's my week off for "studying" (they call it Study Week) so naturally I'm taking a trip somewhere. I'll give you three clues:

#1: I will not be staying in Australia for my break

#2: "Kiwi" could mean a person, a fruit, or a bird

#3: I get to visit Hobbiton


By now, I expect you to have guessed where I'll be going. That's right... New Zealand! I'm taking a ten-day trip to visit the kiwis, Auckland, Rotorua (famous for its geothermal activity), Taupo (adrenaline sports center), Waitomo (home of the Glowworm caves), National Park (...that's actually the name of the town), and Auckland again. As part of my trip, I'm volunteering for four days doing kiwi (bird) habitat restoration. Kiwis are flightless birds and actually have marrow in their bone (birds typically have hollow bones to be as weightless as possible). More unbird-like, they actually have nostrils at the end of their beak, the only bird with this feature. Aren't they just adorable? So while you all back home are enjoying your Spring Break right now, just think what you could be doing in ten days instead. =P


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