Monday, January 21, 2013


Welcome! My name is Katelynn and I'm a forestry student at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ, USA. This blog is intended to chronicle my time studying abroad at Southern Cross University in Lismore, Australia, Feb-June 2013. My goals are to:
  • document my adventures and experiences Down Under
  • explore as much of Australia as I can
  • provide advice on successfully enjoying life abroad for those introverted and shy, homebodyish types like me
  • share photos of all the unique flora and fauna 
  • transform overnight into an engaging and interesting blogger (haha to me...this is harder than it sounds!)
  • enjoy life with a flare equal to that of Bridget Jones
  • learn as much as I can about forestry in Australia and, very important, pass all my classes
I arrive in Oz February 1 and begin adventures right away. My first bag is already packed and I'm pleased to say that I fit nearly all of my clothes in one suitcase. For someone who always over-packs to be "prepared" (honestly, it's more likely that I just do not know how to live with only the bare essentials yet), limiting myself may prove challenging...especially when packing all my camping gear as well. First tip, albeit second hand: it's cheaper to pay a little extra (if need be) to bring all your outdoor gear with you rather than buy replacements in Australia because of the difference in price. Hence, my brand new, never used backpacking pack is stuffed to the brim with my tent, sleeping bag, field pack, Thermarest, compressible pillow, and other miscellaneous items. Goal #whatever: use everything that I bring!

Feel free to explore around and provide feedback. Photos to come soon!


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